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Pool features

When it comes to designing your swimming pool there are various features you may want to take into consideration, from ladders and stairs, pool covers and movable floors, counter current jets and more. Whatever your requirements, we can advise on the features most suited to your needs so that you can enjoy your pool for relaxing, fitness and fun.

Pool feature options

swimming pool automatic cover

Pool covers

We offer different types of covers to protect your pool from unwanted debris and water loss. We also have safety covers which are especially useful if you have children and heat retaining covers to keep your water warm. Choose from manual or automatic for a quick cover up.

A man in a swimming pool activating a counter current swim jet

Counter current swim jets

Add a current to your pool with a swim jet to help you keep fit or train for an event. Counter current swim jets can be personalised to your swim style to make it as easy or challenging as you like.

A woman using an underwater treadmill and swimming current machine

Dual swimming machine

This two-part system comes with a power unit that produces a swim current in your pool as well as a unit (like a treadmill) that mounts to the base of your pool, providing fitness benefits and plenty of fun.

A swimming pool stainless steel waterfall fountain

Stainless steel accessories

We provide plenty of stainless steel options to add a touch of luxury to your pool. Our ladders provide easy access to the pool for all the family, while stainless steel skimmers keep your pool clean. We also provide handrails, inlets for filtration and even waterfalls which means you can enjoy the soothing sounds and sight of water falling in your pool.

Infinity edge pool

Infinity edge

An infinity edge is when one side of your pool is lowered, allowing the water to cascade beautifully over the edge. This creates a feeling of serenity in your garden.

movable pool floor up movable pool floor down

Movable floors

Take your pool to the next level with movable floors. By adjusting the depth of your pool, it can change the way you use it, from a deep diving pool to a child-friendly shallow pool. When closed it offers full security and converts your pool into a multifunctional space.

swimming pool icon

Outdoor Pools

We’ll turn your vision into a unique outdoor swimming pool that you, your family and friends will enjoy for years.
poolhouse icon

Pool Houses

Enjoy the luxury of a bespoke pool house that has been designed to complement your garden with everything you need.
plant icon

Pool Landscaping

We can offer professional garden landscape design services to complement your pool and pool house.

Let’s discuss your pool

Contact us to discuss your new pool project or requirements for an existing pool.

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