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Pool landscaping

An important part of your pool design is the landscaping that surrounds it. Pool landscaping also known as hardscaping or poolscaping, is essential in creating a luxury finish to your pool area. And it’s not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pool, but there are practical benefits too, allowing you to create zoned areas for entertainment, relaxing or for an area where your children can play.

Materials for your pool surround

Porcelain tiles and natural stone are the preferred choice for around your pool. Both are designed to withstand the elements, have great durability and provide anti-slip capability to keep you and your guests safe from falls. These materials can also be shaped with rounded edges providing a high level of finish and more comfort for your feet.

Benefits of pool landscaping

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Provides a luxurious finish
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Reduces debris in your pool
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Increases safety
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Ability to create zoned areas
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Outdoor Pools

We’ll turn your vision into a unique outdoor swimming pool that you, your family and friends will enjoy for years.
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Pool Houses

Enjoy the luxury of a bespoke pool house that has been designed to complement your garden with everything you need.

Pool Features

Pool features include handrails, lighting and pool covers, to water fountains and even moveable floors...

Let’s discuss your pool

Contact us to discuss your new pool project or requirements for an existing pool.

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