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Some are more obvious than others. Not only can a swimming pool enhance your outdoor space, but it also encourages an active, healthy lifestyle, while bringing lots of fun into your life.

You may visit your local leisure centre to make use of their pool, but what if you could have your own private swimming pool in your garden? The truth is, you can. If you have space in your garden to have a swimming pool, it is definitely something you should consider. Here are some of the things you can look forward to with your very own swimming pool.

Improve your health and wellbeing

Having a pool encourages an active lifestyle; there is no reason why you shouldn’t exercise if you have access to a swimming pool in your back garden. Swimming is a great way to build your fitness while reducing stress levels. It is also ideal if you have an injury and need a low impact sport that is gentle on the body and can help build muscle strength. Swimming in your garden also means you get the benefit of vitamin D from the sun, which you can’t get in an indoor public swimming pool. Just remember to wear sunscreen.

Add value to your home

A swimming pool is a desirable feature and will increase the value of your home. Ensure it is designed and built well to improve longevity for when, and if, you do decide to sell. Consider adding a pool house, as the combination could make your home and outdoor space even more appealing.

Fun for all the family

No matter what your age, your whole family can enjoy swimming. It is also an activity you can do together to create fun family memories. Adding stairs to a pool can help provide access for little ones or older members of the family. You could even have a pool installed with a moveable floor, allowing you to create a shallow pool for your children or mid-depth pool for the serious swimmers to exercise in.

Encourage social gatherings

Not only can you enjoy swimming together as a family, having your own pool gives you the perfect opportunity to invite your extended family and friends around for a get-together or pool party. The addition of a zoned patio area near your pool can create a dedicated space for guests to sit down and relax, or be used as an area for a BBQ – the design is completely up to you.

Avoid the crowds

Owning your own private pool means you can avoid the crowds you’ll often experience at public swimming pools and sharing changing facilities. Swimming at home is therefore much more relaxing, giving you the freedom to swim whenever you want.

Cool down

When a heatwave strikes it can become unbearable and, even with a fan pointing in your direction, it doesn’t take much before you’ll start to feel the heat. Having a swimming pool means you can take a dip when the temperature gets too much, helping you cool down and enjoy your outdoor space.

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