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For anyone with a swimming pool, a pool cover is essential. Not only are they great for keeping your pool clean, by stopping debris and dirt from entering the water, they also have many other benefits. Here we look at the different types of pool covers you should consider.

Safety covers

As the name suggests, the principal benefit of a safety pool cover is to prevent accidents. So, if your priority is to minimise the risk of mishaps, particularly if you have little ones, a safety pool cover is likely to be the best option. Safety covers fit tightly into place, and are strong and sturdy preventing people and pets from accidentally falling into the water. They are also great from stopping debris getting into your pool. An automatic option offers ultimate convenience allowing you to cover your pool with just the push of a button.

GeoBubble cover

A GeoBubble cover is distinguished by its bubbled appearance. The main purpose of these textured pool covers is to stop water evaporation and reduce energy costs. This is achieved in two ways; by retaining heat in the pool, while also increasing the temperature through solar energy. GeoBubble covers are also long-lasting and manually operated with a reel at one end of the pool.

Slatted covers

Slatted covers provide similar functionality to GeoBubble but offer greater protection against water evaporation. In contrast to GeoBubble, slatted covers are automated to make covering your pool a breeze. Additionally, they provide a contemporary finish and come in a variety of colours, as well as different materials to suit your budget. This flexibility gives you greater choice in the look and finish of your pool.

Winter covers

When summer comes to an end, it’s important to cover your pool for the colder months to maintain the quality of your pool water.  Winter covers are permeable, allowing rainwater to penetrate while stopping debris and dirt from entering your pool, which could alter the chemistry of your water and mean further maintenance when you open your pool up again for summer.  Whatever your pool’s size or shape, winter covers can be customised to fit perfectly.

Dome pool covers

If you want to use your pool all year round, you should consider a dome pool cover. The arched enclosure allows you to swim under shelter when the weather is poor. You can open it up again when the sun comes out.  The sun’s rays will also warm your pool area as they pass through the panels of the enclosure, creating the perfect swimming conditions for whenever you fancy a dip.

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