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A pool house is the perfect addition to your outdoor swimming pool, providing an enclosed space for you to make the most of your pool and garden all year around. As luxurious as they seem, pool houses are extremely practical and can be designed for a variety of purposes, to best suit your requirements. In addition to a storage area or changing room, your pool house can become an oasis for relaxing, dining and entertaining. In this blog we explore some design ideas you may want to consider for your pool house.

Changing rooms and shower

For many, having a dedicated changing area and shower close to your pool is essential. This gives privacy to guests when changing and allows easy access to towels and other belongings, which can be stored there. Even more importantly, it prevents anyone from needing to walk through the house to get changed while wet and provides an easy solution for transitioning from the pool to other activities later in the day.

Sauna and home gym

Does the idea of stepping out of your pool and straight into a luxurious sauna sound heavenly? You’re not alone, as the inclusion of saunas in pool houses is becoming increasingly popular. You may even choose to take things one step further and combine your sauna with a gym, steam room, showers and a changing area to create your own home spa for ultimate relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

Kitchen, dining and bar area

Having a kitchen and dining area in your pool house makes it convenient to grab a drink or snack while enjoying outdoor activities. It also provides the ideal space for al fresco dining during the warm summer months. Pool houses with a built-in bar are also a popular choice, after all, who doesn’t want to recreate the feeling of being on holiday by enjoying drinks by the pool?

Entertainment space

Take your games and movie nights to a new level by transforming your pool house into an entertainment hub. Create a lounge space for family and friends to relax in, with a television, sound system and mini bar, or add a gaming console and pool table for a variety of fun-filled entertainment options. Depending on the size of your pool house, you could also opt for modular furniture, which can be moved around to accommodate different activities.

Multi-functional pool house

If you just can’t decide how best to use your pool house, why not make it multi-functional? A well-designed pool house can seamlessly incorporate different elements in one building to maximise its usage. For example, we built a pool house for a client in West Malling, which included a pool room, changing facilities and shower, bar, outdoor kitchen and dining areas, to fulfil all of their requirements.

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